Orthospinology Adjustments Relieve Constant Spinal Pain after Airplane Crash

Posted in Spinal and Extremity Pain

The gentle force used in the Orthospinology adjustment of the upper cervical spine, enables many patients with post traumatic neck injuries to enjoy the whole body benefits from the restoration of spinal balance and integrity via the Orthospinology approach. Following a plane crash in 1984, this woman suffered chronic, constant neck pain and was "astounded" at the relief she felt after receiving Orthospinology adjustments.
Listen as a patient, new to Orthospinology, describes her improvement with chronic insomnia, severe vertigo, and lower extremity pain, numbness and tingling after only one correction of her upper cervical spine. Though most patients require follow up visits and realignment after the first correction, this video demonstrates how quickly some chronic conditions may improve following the Orthospinology procedure.

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