Scoliosis Surgery Avoided after Orthospinology Spinal Care

Posted in Pediatric Conditions, Spinal and Extremity Pain, Treating More Than Pain

A nine-year-old boy was diagnosed with severe scoliosis and scheduled to have corrective surgery. An acquaintance directed him to an Upper Cervical chiropractor who did a series of adjustments over a seven week period.

When the boy returned to see the surgeon just before the scheduled surgery, the surgeon told him that the scoliosis had been corrected and that there was no longer a need for surgery.

This young male was so impressed with the care he received and quality of life he regained as a child that he decided to work at his Orthospinologist’s office when he became an adult to assist his doctor in helping patients with similar conditions. After witnessing improvements in a variety of neurological and structural complications like trigeminal neuralgia, multiple sclerosis and scoliosis, he has enrolled in a premed program in college with the goal to later apply at a chiropractic university and practice Orthospinology.

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