Chiropractic Orthospinology Basic II Class

Course Objective

To review the X-ray portion of the Basic I class and to introduce the supine leg check, instrumentation, table placement and instrument adjusting*.

*Hand adjusting is not currently taught in the Basic II Seminar, though special arrangements for hand adjusting tutorials can be made pending significant interest.


The complete course agenda is shown below, including topics covered and related hours. There are 12 total hours of instruction provided during this two-day seminar.


Introduction (9:00-9:30, ½-hr)

  • History and Future of the Orthospinology Procedure

Review X-ray Alignment and Patient Placement for Orthogonal Radiographs (9:30-10:30, 1-hr)

  • Importance and Principles of X-Ray Unit Alignment Procedures
  • Review of Patient Placement for the Lateral, Nasium and Vertex Films
  • X-Ray Practicum

X-ray Analysis Review (10:30-12:30, 2-hrs)

  • Review of Struction Location and Orthogonal Analysis
  • Review of the Height Factors
  • Developing the Adjustment Vector and Resultant Angle
  • Analysis Practicum 

Lunch (12:30-2:00, 1½-hrs)

Supine Leg Check (2:00-3:30, 1½-hrs)

  • Lecture-Research and Clinical Significance of the Supine Leg Check
  • Demonstration of How to Perform the Supine Leg Check
  • Practicum/Test - Looking for Inter-Examiner Reliability of 1/8" or Better

Postural Assessment (3:30-4:30, 1-hr)

  • Lecture-Research and Clinical Significance of Postural Assessment
  • Demonstration of the Hip Calipers and Posture Board Assessment

Table Placement (4:30-6:00, 1½-hr)

  • General Types of Upper Cervical Subluxations
  • Mastoid Support, Head-Piece Height/Angle and Shoulder Placement
  • Demonstration and Practical Table Placement for Various Listings


Instrument Adjusting (8:00-10:30, 2-hrs)

  • History and Demonstration of the Hand-Held (KH2) Adjusting Instrument
  • Demonstration and Practicum on Various Subluxation Patterns 
  • Styli Selection for Various Listings and Contacts
  • Instruction on Using the Resultant Line Locator

Upper Cervical Biomechanics (10:30-11:30, 1-hr)

  • C/A Concept, Mastoid Support
  • High and Low Adjusting Factors
  • Levers and Wedges
  • Pre and Post Radiographic Assessments

Review / Question & Answers (11:30-12:30, 1-hr)