Advanced Pediatric Workshop

Course Objective

To enhance a doctor's practice of pediatric orthospinology. 


The complete course agenda is shown below, including topics covered and related hours. There are six (6) total hours of instruction provided during this seminar.

Hour 1

  • Upper cervical procedures with the Webster protocol

Hour 2 

  • Autism and abnormal CSF biomarkers and appropriate upper cervical care

Hour 3

  • Biomechanics of the craniocervical junction in a newborn/toddler.
  • Upper cervical trauma in the birth process.
  • Chiropractic care for the newborn infant

Hour 4

  • Evaluating the upper cervical spine without X-ray.
  • Supine leg length assessment and discerning erector spinae muscle tone.
  • Pediatric patient table placement. *
  • Modified toddler atlas adjusting

Hour 5

  • Orthogonal X-ray setups for the toddler and newborn

Hour 6

  • Review of case studies - from torticollis to scoliosis, Infantile colic and otitis media