Seminar Descriptions

Basic I

Doctors/students are introduced to the x-ray portion of the Grostic Procedure for adjusting the atlas subluxation. Enrollment includes the following items, valued at over $95.00:

  • Cervical Analysis Instrument
  • Resultant Line Locator
  • Orthospinology Protractor
  • Resultant Angles Booklet
  • Atlas Key Chain

Professional courtesy adjustments and post x-rays are offered for an additional $150. Click here to view the complete Basic I course agenda.

Basic II


A review of the X-ray procedures presented in the Basic I class, followed by an introduction to the supine leg check, instrumentation, table placement and instrument adjusting. Professional courtesy adjustments and post x-rays are offered for an additional $150. Note that successful completion of the Basic I seminar is a pre-requisite for attending Basic II. Click here to view the complete Basic II course agenda.

Advanced Instrument Adjusting Workshop

thumb advancedThis seminar is a brief review of Basic I and II with a focus on advanced patient placement concepts to correct the craniocervical junction. Instruction is given with the KH2 Laney Adjusting Instrument and the Ortho Specific table mounted adjusting instrument. Taught by Drs. Nathan Berner and Ryan Klopfer, this seminar will provide the practitioner with the necessary skills to properly set up for a variety of listings and to reason from pre and post radiographs. Difficult cases and anatomical variants are discussed.

Annual Orthospinology Symposium

A review of the fundamental concepts of Orthospinology, presented by a stellar lineup of inter-professional and inter-procedural speakers revealing the Art, Science, History and Philosophy of Upper Cervical Chiropractic in current research and topics of interest. This seminar is open to all registrants regardless of whether Basic I or Basic II classes have been completed, and is mandatory for those seeking Orthospinology Certification.

Risk Management and Georgia Law

A review of risk management concepts and the current Georgia laws that govern the practice of chiropractic. This seminar provides 4 continuing education credit hours for most doctors (some states excluded), and 5 CE hours for Georgia Doctors. Click here to view the complete Risk Management and Georgia Law course agenda.

Advanced Pediatric Workshop

The Requirements for the Advanced Pediatric Care Workshop include experience with orthogonally based chiropractic practices such as X-ray setup and X-ray analysis.  Prior training in the biomechanics of the upper cervical spine is also required; acceptable fields of study include Orthospinology, NUCCA, and Atlas Orthogonal Basic or Advanced training. Click here to view the Advanced Pediatric Workshop agenda.