Orthospinology Recommended Textbooks 

orthospinologyproceduresBook-Kirk-EriksenOrthospinology Procedures

An Evidence-Based Approach to Spinal Care

Kirk Eriksen, DC

Roderic P. Rochester, DC

This reference text offers the latest step-by-step guide to the practice of Orthospinology and reviews the latest supporting evidence. This book details the x-ray analysis used to quantify the upper cervical subluxation and determine the correction vector. Subsequent chapters present steps for ensuring the precision of the X-ray analysis, performing specific adjustments, assessing the effectiveness of the adjustment, and fine-tuning the correction to the individual patient. Additional topics include upper cervical neurology, biomechanics, pediatrics, risk assessment, and much more. This book is richly illustrated to clarify complex concepts.


uppercervicalsubluxationcomplexBookUpper Cervical Subluxation Complex

A review of the Chiropractic and Medical Literature

Kirk Eriksen, D.C.

Reviews of more than 1200 research papers, books, and presentations on topics ranging from upper cervical anatomy/physiology to clinical analysis of spinal corrective care and related issues. A magnificent two-color format and more than 400 illustrations reinforce the reading material. This text offers extensive appendices portraying dramatic spinal corrections as portrayed with radiography, postural assessment, and surface electromyograms and thermograms. Every chiropractic professional and researcher should own a copy of this invaluable resource.