Ortho Specific Adjusting Instrument from Orthospinology

Ortho Specific Instrument

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  1. The machine will exert force in any direction we will ever need. Present calculations provide for 14,500 different adjusting vectors.
  2. The force will start slowly and get faster until it recoils. It will be a “push-shove” type of force unlike a percussion force.
  3. The speed of the force can be varied.
  4. The vertical travel or depth of the adjustment can be varied.
  5. The force will start on the neck, move the desired distance and recoil completely off the neck.
  6. The stylus travel can be set to move in a lateral direction at the end of the stroke.
  7. The lateral direction can be forward (inferior torque) or backwards (superior torque).
  8. The amount of lateral travel can be varied.
  9. The stylus will have a setting that will determine a maximum force into the neck regardless of how much vertical travel the machine produces.
  10. The maximum force can be varied.

Click here to view full specs and detailed photos.

Price: $12,000 To order, call Richard King at 404.625.4438

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