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  • Dr. Nathan Berner (marietta, georgia)
    Practice: Berner Family Chiropractic
    Level & Study: Orthospinology (certified), Other: Orthospinology Basic Instructor. Orthospinology Advanced Seminar Instructor. Pierce Results/ Video Fluoroscopy Advanced Certified
    Years in Practice: 9

    Phone: 770-726-9968      Fax:
    Email: bernerchiro@gmail.com

  • Dr. Brett Berner (lutz, fl)
    Practice: Foundation Chiropractic
    Level & Study: Orthospinology
    Years in Practice: 6

    Phone: 813-578-5889      Fax: 813-578-5890
    Email: scheduling@foundationflorida.com

Orthospinology Certification

The Society of Chiropractic Orthospinology has established a certification process to train and test doctors in the Orthospinology Procedure. Although Orthospinology may be practiced skillfully without certification, those who have successfully completed the certification process are denoted above. After completion of three rigorous courses, Basic I, Basic II and Advanced Orthospinology, the chiropractor must demonstrate clinical competency to the satisfaction of the board of directors of the Society of Chiropractic Orthospinology. The degree of Advanced Graduate is then awarded.


To assist you in finding Upper Cervical doctors in your area, SCO has compiled a comprehensive list from several Upper Cervical techniques. Use of this Web site to locate a chiropractor that practices the Orthospinology Procedure or similar Upper Cervical techniques in your area is at your discretion. The Society of Chiropractic Orthospinology (SCO) does not guarantee your satisfaction with the doctor chosen, nor does SCO accept responsibility for the individual practitioner's actions.