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The Keith C. Patzer Memorial Fund

"Get the big idea, and all else follows."

kcpatzerKeith C. Patzer, D.C., passed to heaven on November 23, 2008. He was one of the last of our forefathers who forged the way for upper cervical chiropractors. Having trained under Drs. B.J. Palmer, Bill Blair, and John Grostic, he was inspired and awed by the Atlas. His father-in-law, Dr. Burt Chapman, led him to the Grostic technique of precision upper cervical work which he came to love. He in turn inspired his son and granddaughter, establishing four generations of Grostic doctors.

Dr. Patzer served as a leader in his profession through his state association, the Grostic technique association, and his patients. He was a man of principles, forged by his service in WWII and exemplified in his love for chiropractic.

As you give, please give with your heart, sticking with the principles that you so believe in. Dr. Patzer’s final request was that people not honor his life with flowers but rather to donate to upper cervical research to save lives.