Imaging Webinar DVD

Imaging Webinar DVD

Add this amazing DVD to your upper cervical library and learn the latest prospectives on upper cervical imaging and new theories relating Upper Cervical Subluxations to Chiari Zero malformations and CSF flow dynamics, Multiple Sclerosis, Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus and Migraine Headaches.

This DVD includes an hour plus webinar with Dr. David Harshfield, 14 research articles, and numerous dynamic imaging videos depicting spinal motion and CSF and arterial flow improvements pre and post upper cervical correction. A 327 slide Power Point presentation completes the package and connects the dots between upper cervical anatomy and neuro-vascular physiology.

This is an enormous amount of information for an incredibly low price! Not available at Wal-Mart!

The DVD is available for purchase through the PerformTec website at

The pricing is:
$50 for 1 DVD
$75 for 2 DVDs
$100 for 3 DVDs
$125 for 4 DVDs
$150 for 5 DVDs

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