cecil laneyAdvisory Board Member

Cecil Laney, D.C.

Life University Involvement

  • Member of Life University Board of Friends
  • Served as advisor to President Dr. Sid E. Williams
  • Member of Life University extended faculty
  • Worked on various problems in the Life Research Department
  • Currently teaching certain faculty members the functions of the Torque Specific Cervical Instrument
  • Honored at 1999 Life Homecoming as an Early Chiropractic Pioneer and among the ones who were arrested for practicing Chiropractic

Other Professional Highlights

  • Member of the International Chiropractic Association and the Alabama State Chiropractic Association
  • Served one term as I.C.A. Assemblyman from Alabama
  • Served one term as the Alabama State Board of Chiropractic Examiners.
  • Was elected Chiropractor of the Year in 1975 by the Alabama State Chiropractic Association.

Specialized Activities

  • Started researching instrument cervical adjusting in 1954
  • Created the "single axis method" which permits the use of instruments to deliver force down the Grostic vector
  • Invented the hand-held, solenoid powered cervical adjusting instrument and shipped them to over 40 states and a few foreign countries
  • Built a table-mounted cervical adjusting instrument with stylus rotating torque
  • Built a hand-held adjuster with a leveraged action , creating "torque equivalent"
  • Most recently, built a new table-mounted adjuster, "The Torque Cervical Instrument", and gave Life University all rights to it

Professional Financial Endeavors

  • Member of the "Inner Golden Circle" of contributors to Life University
  • Was the top financial contributor to Life University in 1998
  • Established a "Cecil D. Laney Endowment Fund" for Life University that is expected to grow to a multi-million dollar fund for the Chiropractic profession
  • A major contributor to Louella Harris's National Awareness Campaign for Upper Cervical Care
  • Have in the past donated to the National Upper Cervical Research Association (NUCCRA)

Contact Information

2424 Herodian Way
Smyrna, Ga 30080

770.952.5353 (ph)